I’m Pretty Sure this is the Matrix

November 2, 2010 § 3 Comments

“Is this real life?”

That is the question I have been asking myself almost constantly for 2 weeks. Most people don’t know the whole story so, lets do a quick review:

I moved to New York City at the end of August (2 months ago) and stayed on friend’s, and stranger’s, couches (thanks Lee and Melissa!), until I found a “stable” sublet for a month. In those short two months I’ve managed to be the subject of a story in the New York Post, find an amazing apartment in an amazing location for an amazing price and land my dream job! To say I’m merely thriving in the city may be a slight understatement.

The best part of the story is the Dream Job. Most people have read the article about my sister and me in the New York Post and know how I got my job at Glenmark Realty. Most people don’t know that the same day the article came out I accepted an offer for my Dream Job and gave Mr. Gomez my two-weeks notice. Now comes the announcement part of this post:

Come November 8th, I will be the newest addition to the Carrot Creative team. I will be joining up as Executive Assistant and all around go-to-girl for Mike Germano and the rest of the Carrot Crew.


How did this come about? Fantastic question. Two words: Awesomeness and Persistence. (and I am totally serious.)

I have no idea how I first heard of Carrot Creative but I’ve known they were the company I wanted to work for a long time. Around March, they started taking applications from everyone without specific positions in mind and I jumped at the chance, wrote my haiku, drew my angry carrots, and arranged some words (the application is fun, you should try it out!) I was still in my senior year at Carolina so I wasn’t a great fit, but I did manage to get on the Carrot blog! I stayed in touch and made sure to interact with the crew on Twitter, which wasn’t a chore since they are all so interesting.

Fast forward seven months and we’re about caught up, which tells you how fast this all happened. I had my job at Glenmark and was looking for a second job. Then Mike announced via twitter that he was looking for a right hand (wo)man. I quickly contacted him and after a series of tweets and emails, I had an interview at Carrot! In keeping with their company mojo, my first interview was at Starbucks where I answered questions with “no, no tattoos, sorry!” and “I’m ashamed to admit, no I have never been arrested.” I also was able to ask questions such as “what exactly is this job I’m interviewing for?” (this is still in the works…). Obviously, it was an enjoyable conversation with Mike and Chris! Over the next 2 weeks, I had pleasant and reassuring meetings with Kaitlin and Bobby. I was promised an answer before The Boys went off to Ireland, but was left hanging for an extra week. I saw more carrot themed items that week than ever in my life. Though I was trying to keep myself level-headed, my mind was pretty obsessed.

As a last ditch effort and a way to get things off my chest, I opened this blog with my Carrot post and hoped it would display my impressive skills in the writing department. I guess I was successful because the day of the New York Post article, Mike Germano commented on my blog with an offer of employment at Carrot Creative.


As for the real “why” behind their decision to hire me, you’ll have to ask The Boys. I’ve only heard rumors, but they seem to be centered around my “fucking awesomeness”. I think I’ll fit in fine on the Orange Couch.


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