Hello world!

September 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yes, I kept WordPress’ title..I like it. It’s exactly what I wanted to say, and why mess with a good thing?

I feel that my first post should be about why I finally started a blog of my own. I’m a pretty private person for the most part, but the other day the New York Post contacted me to do a story about…me. So, I figured that while I’m at it, might as well go all out.

Since moving to NYC some amazing things have happened to me. I’ve always had an interesting life, but being in the City has really raised the bar.

In the 6 weeks I’ve lived here I’ve changed in a room with 12 other naked women, run into college classmates in SoHo, lived in 5 different neighborhoods in 3 different boroughs, seen the sunrise over Times Square (not from waking up), interviewed for positions at BOTH of my dream organizations (Carrot Creative and Big Duck), run twice as far as ever before (8 miles) and been interviewed for an article about myself (and my sister) for the New York Post. Did I mention I moved here with 2 carry on bags and a one way ticket to JFK? Honestly, the thing I’m most proud of is that I’ve managed to give people directions…my worst nightmare. But here, I’m in control. I am knowledgeable and I know what’s up.

When I write it all down…I’m pretty impressed with myself. And that is why I decided I needed to start doing just that. This is a reminder of my amazing life that could never happen if I wasn’t open and accepting of every experience offered.

–For my second post I wanted to pay my respects to an organization that was an inspiration to get me off my ass and create something. That something was a blog,  a small step of self-exploration that will never cease. Thanks Carrots.


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